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Mars Drawing June 25, 2003... Bob Bunge
After a break yesterday to do some deep sky work at Tuckahoe, pulled out the 20-inch this morning for Mars. While the seeing was only a 6 out of 10, patient waiting for those good moments, showed plenty of details.

Mars log: http://ladyandtramp.com/mars/

2003/06/25, 08:45 UT, Bowie MD, 20-inch f/6.4 reflector 408x:
Seeing 6 out of 10. Very long observation. Moderate dew, 2nd clear morning in a row, quite warm. A grand sight this morning. With careful looks, a wealth of detail in TJ, the 20-inch. Ring around South Polar Cap is mottled, with dark areas that are slightly wider then the rest of the ring. Very slight notch in SPC, perhaps Mare Australe. Very top of SCP shows dark area just P of the pole. Sinus Sabaeus showed much detail, including a very dark area at the head of the "snake." The body of the snake was mottled, with dark/light areas along it's length. Sytris Major creeping around the terminator, some detail. Nice rim around the following border of Hellas, with faint streaks in the area. Very slight NPH.

Mars drawing

Bob Bunge

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