Welcome to the Delmarva Stargazer Society

years of Amateur Astronomy on the Delmarva Peninsula.  The Stargazers were formed in 1993 for the purposes of viewing the heavens and promoting a general interest in astronomy. We gather monthly at our dark sky sites for camaraderie and to just gaze at the stars.

In 2019 the club disbanded. This site is kept around as a record of the club. It was  a  struggle to get it running again but worthwhile.

You will find no AI content here!If you find a mistake on Delmarvastargazers.org, it was made by a real human being.

The site may get updates from time to time. All email addresses are forwarded to me.

Currently I go out to the Tre Sorelle Dolce Ice Cream Shop in Wyoming, Delaware whenever the weather is good enough to bring a telescope out for the public to view what ever is bright enough to cut through the light polluted skies of Wyoming generally limited to Planets and the Moon and sometimes the Ring Nebula.

– Michael Lecuyer

Our Three Dark Sky Sites