Club Information

Club Officers

There are five club officers. First there are three presidents: the President, the Past President and the President Elect. The President Elect acts as the vice president in other organizations and the Past President provides  continuity of the club. The secretary and treasure perform their customary duties. Contact information is found here.

Club Meetings

We meet at First Presbyterian Church 118 West Commerce Street Smyrna Delaware on the first Tuesday of each month from 7-9 PM. September to June. There are no meetings in July and August although there is a Summer Party in July.

The normal meeting format includes discussion of club activities, observing high lights, constellation and deep sky object of the month, an advertised presentation and possible guest speakers. We welcome the public to our meetings, membership is not required to attend. We are always open to suggestions for topics and guest speakers.

Club Policies

Are found here.


The Star Gazer News is usually composed on or after the middle of each month and published seven days before the club meeting. Please send items you wish to have published on or before the 15th of the month to editor – contact information found here. Currently the club newsletter is on hold until enough articles are written to fill an issue.

Club Observing

Observing is (usually) scheduled for the Friday and Saturday nearest the New Moon to maximize the observing hours during complete darkness. The cloud or rain date for the monthly Friday observing will be the following Saturday, but don’t trust the weather man! Go outside and look for yourself or check a weather link.

Trap Pond State Park: This is our darkest site. Please visit our Trap Pond page for more information.

Tuckahoe State Park: During the summer months when the park is open the observing site will be at the baseball field in the camping area at Tuckahoe State Park. In the winter we observe at the Equestrian center. Observing at Tuckahoe is limited to members of the Delmarva Stargazers only. For more information please visit the Tuckahoe Dark Site Page. Apparently there are problems here – people have been run off at 10PM by rangers which is just when it gets dark in the summer.

Blackbird Forest:  This is no longer used for observing for several reasons. so begone bright sky site!

  • A house across the road has a very bright light shining in to the parking lot.
  • The parking lot has been expanded and the trees no long provide protection against car lights.
  • 30 cars per hour or more pass by the site nicely illuminating anyone unfortunate enough to be there.

Educational Outreach

The Delmarva Stargazers are dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in our area. Our members are also promoting “Astronomy at the Library”, giving presentations and providing people of all ages with the opportunity to look at the night sky through a telescope at our local libraries. We have developed relationships with local schools, summer camps and scouting organizations to provided both classroom and observing opportunities for people of all ages. For more information contact one of the club officers and visit our  out reach page.


We have a few regular projects and some outreaches that could sure use helpers. No experience required – we’re all learning on the job and a great way to get to know others in the club.

Volunteer Opportunities



The Star Gazer News is usually composed on or after the middle of each month and published seven days before the club meeting. Please send items you wish to have published on or before the 15th of the month to editor PJ Riley at this email address (this is just a picture of his email address)


Become a member

Our annual dues are $15 for an individual or $20 for a family. Anyone with an interest of astronomy is welcome to join the Delmarva Stargazers regardless of skill level, we are all amateurs and trying to learn. Meeting attendance is not required but highly recommended to get the most out of the club. Please join us today.

Help email

There is an email address for members and non members alike wanting to know about the club, setting up scopes, and so forth. The help email image is found below.


Corrections and changes

Corrections and updates to the mailing list, including e-mail addresses, should also go to club secretary.


Club Contact Information

The picture of the email addresses are not links – they are images of the email addresses.

President Lyle Jones
President Elect
Secretary Dawn Miller 410-928-2029
Treasurer Kathy Sheldon 302-422-4695
Past President Lyle Jones
Club help Paul Riley
Club Newsletter Editor Paul Riley



The President is responsible for supervising the overall activities of the Club, holding a planning meetings each year, conduct each club meetings, and all normal duties of the office.

President Elect and Past President

Of the President cannot perform specific duties the President-Elect or Past-President will perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the President. Having both these presidents add great continuity to the club as past president can guide the new President and the President Elect in their duties. It also distributes the work load among three people. The President Elect acts as a Vice President would in a different club structure.


The treasurer performs all the financial transactions required by the club and performs book keeping duties. A financial report should be made to the club at each meeting.


The Secretary is responsible for recording and transcribing the minutes for all planning meetings, business meetings, and the monthly Club meetings as well as contact other astronomical societies and organizations as required.

Site maintenance

Anyone interested in assisting with the site can read more here.