Outreach Requests

Our club engages in outreaches to the public from time to time.  We  are part of the StarNet Astronomy at the Library program which means we are available to libraries. We also enjoy other group requests.

Upon accepting your request it  find it’s way on to the events list, announced at club meetings, on our Yahoo group and Facebook. We need time to gather volunteers so early reservations are appreciated.

If you want to engage us for for an outreach please check this list:

  1. In the summer, June through August, the sky is not dark until 10PM. Even by the end of August its only dark at 9:30PM. You can blame so-called Daylight Saving Time for the additional hour of light from March to September. By October true darkness falls at 8PM and by the beginning of November it’s dark by 7:30PM. Even in Fall there is enough darkness to be out and hour earlier.
  2. The best times are close to a new Moon  in the range 5 nights before to 4 nights after. Other phases of the Moon are bright enough to hide almost anything interesting in the sky. As Tom Waits sings “The moon climbs up and empty sky.” After the new Moon the crescent show fascinating Lunar views and then the moon sets and other viewing starts.
  3. Weather – even the best telescopes cannot see through clouds. Either of us may cancel if it looks cloudy. We might even go out if the clouds offer reasonable sized holes. Overcast – unlikely. We may go out up to 30% cloud cover.
  4. Street and parking lot lights – we have lots of experience doing outreaches under them. The glare makes it hard to find objects and even stars but we will try our best. If you can arrange to have these lights turned off you may be rewarded with a great show.
  5. Planets- Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – when up are available long before it gets dark and provide good entertainment!

Please contact our out reach coordinator Michael Lecuyer. This is not a link it is an image of the email address.