Club Resources


This is a list of what we used to have to lend.At the end of the club’s life if you had something that belonged to the club you now own it.

Old contents:

The club has resources you can use including telescopes, accessories, digital books and sometimes real books.

Please see our policy on lending equipment.

Lunt Solar Scope:

We have a 60mm tuneable Lunt solar telescope possibly with a mount. This Hydrogen Alpha (Hα) telescope lets you see the active regions, filaments, sunspots and prominences in good detail.

Sky and Telescope Digital Collection

This is the the digitization of several decades of Sky and Telescope magazine.

Telescope Star Testing Kit

We have the Telescope Testing Kit for the Ronchi Eyepiece Test and the Star Test by Dr. Wm. D. Hanagan, Jr. This includes an abbreviated guide for performing the tests as well as the Ronchi Grating eyepiece and the Star Test eyepiece. See how well your telescope really performs. It includes spacers required for accurate tests.

IOPtron telescope with mount

This is a IOPtron ZEQ25 Mount with a 6″ (150mm) IOPtron telescope with GPS. GOTO and COME-FROM – it has it all!

Orion 80mm shorty with Vixen mount.

Orion CT80 80mm Compact Refractor Telescope Optical Tube with finder shoe mount and rings on a Vixen style mount. 80mm Shorty(Larger)
Orion CT80 80mm Compact Refractor

Orion Dew Zapper Controller

Four channel dew controller. Comes with three heater straps and 12V plug on long cable. Dew Zapper Picture(larger)

Orion Dew Zapper

Orion 6″ f/9 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph Telescope

Vixen mount and Howie Glatter collimation kit required for perfect collimation of this scope. (Larger Picture RC Telescope)

Orion 6″ f/9 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph Telescope


(Larger Picture GlatterCollimator)