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Please join ‘’

This list is still actively used.

to follow our progress, connect for dark sky sites, upcoming event notifications, questions, answers.

Our former Yahoo group is no longer accepting messages nor new people. It will be kept around as an archive.

Unfortunately our Yahoo group transfer by has failed owing to technical and support people’s incompetence at following their own rules. It has been impossible to tell them that we are waiting on their next move. It’s been several months since we started the process.

It is a very simple process – create a bridge account on each side. We ‘invite’ to join our Yahoo group. Then our delmarvastargazers@ is invited by the We have set up the first part and started the process.They have never set up their part, inviting to join at our new site. Support is singularly unhelpful. offers us more options than Yahoo and has a less invasive sign up procedure.