Delmarva Stargazers Dark Sky Site – Trap Pond State Park

Trap Pond in Sussex county is our darkest site and used for our major star parties and informal monthly star parties.

How to get to Trap Pond State Park

The map below shows the location of the park as a tree. Zoom in to find the park and Cypress Point.  From Rd. 24 turn left at the sign for Trap Pond State Park. Take the exit to the Campground (just past the little store with the highest prices around for food).

Stop at the park office and tell them you are with the Delmarva Stargazers. If we have an event scheduled you will  be given something to place in your car window (lately they have been lax on this). Drive straight ahead on the dirt road. There will be a sweeping turn to the left. A small brown fence and an open area will appear on the turn Рthis is the place. If you get to a parking lot you have gone slightly too far.

Please look at the Observing field camping map to see where you can park beside your vehicle. You must park your vehicle outside the orange areas but you may place your tent and equipment inside right beside your vehicle.

Trap Pond State Park PDF map

The observing field is located near Cyprus point.

Observing field camping map

This is the observing field with the observing (everywhere) and non-vehicle areas shown.