Policies are no longer relevant but here for for completeness.


Dues are payable in January. Please fill out the membership form and mail it with your check payable to the Delmarva Stargazers.

Those who join the Stargazers during or after October (last financial quarter) will remain members for the next calendar year.

Start Parties & Mirror Making

Officers may attend star parties or the mirror making workshops without charge (glass for mirrors not included).

The star party registrar is exempt from paying for any star party during their term as registrar.

Any member who works at the star party  or mirror making event are exempt from registration fees such as assistance registrar(s), cook(s),  clean-up crew  and/or individuals that purchase food for our events. In addition any individuals that transport items to and away from our events.

To receive the above exemption, the individual(s) that assists with our events must have notified or have been asked specially for their assistance by the event organizer or President of the Stargazers.

Club Equipment

Only a current  member (dues cover the current year) can borrow equipment.